Dr. Greg Whiteley is back talking about resistant organisms, biofilms, and the process of cleaning and disinfecting.  During the conversation, it is e...View Details

Apparently, Mannington Mills had an installer put down some rubber tiles and it didn't go as planned.  Sean was called in to correct the issue and the...View Details

Joseph Barone is the owner of "A Fool for Learning" where he helps organizations learn so that they can perform at maximum efficiency.   Joe was a lis...View Details

A podcast listener asks Bill, "What is an SDS"?     Do you know? Do you know what the Globally Harmonized System is? If you are using a chemical, Bill...View Details

Dr. Aaron Buchko is back for his monthly visit with Dave and the two are talking perceptions based on what people see and hear on the network and on t...View Details

Sean and Dave get into a discussion about chemical buildup, masks, hand sanitizer, and handwashing stations...and talk LIVE with a listener from India...View Details

Kevin Stoller is Co-Founder and President of Kay-Twelve, a leading national distributor of educational furniture. Kay-Twelve helps schools create bett...View Details

Bill Fellows is talking this month about the pH of chemicals, acids and alkaline, chemical safety, and pictograms on the SDS.  Bill@billfellows.com Al...View Details

Aaron and Dave talk through the issues of behavior changes.  The first stage was to realize we had to get over the fact that things had changed foreve...View Details

As this is a LIVE show, a listener jumped into the conversation when the guys quit talking about disinfecting floors and started talking masks and pro...View Details

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