Earlier this year in March, Denise and Willard along with over a dozen of their colleagues had the opportunity to choose which seminar they wanted to attend at the 1st Annual Clean Buildings Expo in Baltimore.

Denise Meyer, Associate Director, Environmental Services,

University of Maryland, Baltimore


Willard Moore, Environmental Services Technician,

University of Maryland, Baltimore

Among the ones they choose, the Rock Star Custodian is the one which caught their attention.  Listen to Denise and Willard as they tell you about how engaging and fun the session was. 

The University has seen benefits in the Rock Star program and will not be waiting till we come back in March 2020 for the expo.  Their 200 person staff is going to get to share in "the cake" as Willard puts it. 


To engage the Rock Star program yourself, go to Rock Star Custodian Program

Find out what more the Academy has to over: Academy of Cleaning Excellence

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Reach out to Dave Thompson here:dthompson@academyofcleaning.com

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